Send email from external web site through Exchange 2010 to all domains.

I need to send email from an external web site through Exchange 2010 to both internal and external recipients.  I setup a user name and password for the web site to use for sending email.  When the web developers test the email, they can send to internal recipients but not anyone outside.
The default receive connectors created by SBS2011 remain unchanged.  An additional receive connector was created for copiers and other network devices to send email;  that connector does anonymous sending and is limited to only devices on the network.
Could I add the external IP address to my send connector being used for network devices?
Otherwise, how should I craft a new receive connector for just the web site?
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Peter HutchisonSenior Network Systems SpecialistCommented:
Yes, you can just add the website's external IP address and then it will allow anonymous relay or forwarding of mails through your Exchange servers.
botisysAuthor Commented:
Adding the static IP for the web site to the receive connector for anonymous sending appears to work.
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