Is there a way to create VBA that can be used in Outlook and Excel

I have created some VBA functions in Outlook to help with a process that involves both Excel and Outlook. Because of the commonality I want to be able to call the code from either Outlook or Excel, depending on what part of the process I am working on. The code includes a couple of custom forms and functions and because it is evolving I would rather not have to copy the code backwards and forwards each time it changes. Is there a way of including a common VBA module in both Outlook and Excel?
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Bill PrewIT / Software Engineering ConsultantCommented:
Sadly there is no good way to do what you want.  The best you can do is modularize the common code so that it's easy to copy between Excel and Outlook.  But short of writing your own COM object (tough stuff) there's no way to have shareable VBA code in a single location.


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Rob4077Author Commented:
I know there's a way to set a reference to a project in another Access database when you want to call a public procedure that's defined within a standard module in that database and I was hoping you could do the same here. If i convert my moduel into a ms access database is there a way to reference and use that?
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
If you skip the forms parts you could import all your functions to a VB6 ActiveX dll and use this from both your will take some work but i am sure that you can reach to a level that you will have a "universal" dll...also *untested* ...take a look at this interesting addon Also you could try for now to put the detection of Outlook/Excel in compiler directives but again is a case i haven't ever tried it
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