Windows Document Linked To Wrong Folder

I just installed Windows 10 on my desktop computer. I have a strange problem with documents folder linked to ondrive folder. I have tried to move to in to my documents folder but keeps giving and error message that I'm not authorized to move. I am log in as the system administer.
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RartemassConnect With a Mentor Service Desk AnalystCommented:
Right click on OneDrive notification icon in the system tray.
Choose Settings and go to the Choose Folders tab.
Choose or select the folders that you want to sync ir unsync with OneDrive cloud.
RartemassService Desk AnalystCommented:
The suggested solution provided is the common way to update synced folders.
Without further input from asker we can't assist further.
RobuzRetiredAuthor Commented:
I didn't have any luck doing it that way had to edit the setting in the registry
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