Patch cable color scheme

Does anyone has a document to share the color cable scheme?   Just want to have an idea.  How many colors are OK to have?  How many not too many and not too few.
Thanks in advance.
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Ken BooneConnect With a Mentor Network ConsultantCommented:
Man - what you are asking is total preference man.
Black - data
Blue - Printers
Orange - Uplink
Red  - Servers
Green - Voice Equipment

Just depends how granular you want to get and how many colors you want to deal with.   It works for some folks, and others it doesn't.
Ken BooneConnect With a Mentor Network ConsultantCommented:
BTW... when you start down this path.. there will always be something that doesn't fit the scheme... ;)
Mal OsborneConnect With a Mentor Alpha GeekCommented:
Also, you end up needing a heap of cabling in stock. If you have 3 colours, you will need some in .5M, 1M, 2M and 5M. That makes 12 separate boxes of cables.

A lot of discipline will also be required if you want the colours to remain correct; typically if someone wants a socket patched in or a flylead, they will tend to want it NOW, and eventually colours will all end up mixed.
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JohnConnect With a Mentor Business Consultant (Owner)Commented:
We keep it simple.

Blue Ethernet cable in the walls, to the office desks, and to the computers. Only the length varies.

In the server room, yellow for networking gear. This enables us to trace quickly and (other some aesthetics possibly of interest) that is the only reason to have another color.

I never use red now. That was for crossover cables and these are not needed now.
yo_beeConnect With a Mentor Director of Information TechnologyCommented:
I have thought this was a good idea, but it just becomes a huge mess.  I have hundreds of patches connections in my access closet and it when to the waste side  very quickly when I need to fix something in a rush.  I tried to separate printers from computers and distances from the patch to the switches changed and I did not really try to search for the proper color.  

Basically everything that was stated above validates my experience.
Bryant SchaperConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am the same as John, we used to use red for crossover, but most is black or blue.  Documentation rules over color.

Plus to be honest in the office environment, we tend to use black or white, as these colors on a very superficial level blend with the decor, which is more important to management.  Plus in the office you probably have only "two" types data and voice, which in our case is from the wall to the phone to computer so I really need a multiple color cable to the phone and single color to the computer?
dbruntonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could possibly put heat shrink on the cable to do the identifying.  Put the heat shrink on both ends.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Good luck with picking a scheme. Thanks.
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