Microsoft Outlook won't accept my password; Online version of Outlook shows zero emails and zero contacts

I have been working on this all morning.  I have Outlook 2016.  Unable to have Outlook accept my password, I changed the password on my gmail account, logged off, and logged back in with the new password, which verified it is correct.  When I open Outlook, I see emails dating back to July of 2017, but no later.  Every time I try entering my new password, verified as valid, it comes back every few seconds, asking me to re-enter it.  I have re-entered and re-entered, to no avail.

I used the virtual agent, and it directed me to the Outlook web site, which duplicates the look and feel of the Outlook application, and the web site correctly identifies my name as Peter.  However, there are zero emails and zero contacts on the site.  

Here's the error message: Sending reported error (0x800CCC92): "Your email server rejected your login.  Verify your user name and password for this account in Account Settings."  I have become frustrated at being thwarted at every turn on this.  If someone has some advice, I would be pleased to hear it.  Thank you, ~ Peter Ferber
PeterFrbWeb development, Java scripting, Python TrainingAsked:
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Jackie ManCommented:
Have you turned on two step authentication?
David Johnson, CD, MVPRetiredCommented:
you need to setup an application password to allow other than a web browser to connect at
Jackie ManCommented:

Or you need to change the security settings of Allow less secure apps in GMail.
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PeterFrbWeb development, Java scripting, Python TrainingAuthor Commented:
Thank you both!  I will do as you suggest and report back.  Warmly, ~ Peter Ferber
PeterFrbWeb development, Java scripting, Python TrainingAuthor Commented:
I made an attempt to do the things you suggest.  I Googled a couple of items, and I came across two-step verification and I also came across 2-factor Authentication, acronym "2FA", and they seem similar, if not identical.  I would like verification that this is what you meant.

On a separate trial, I installed Outlook to my smart phone, and they do allow me to retrieve small groups of current email, in groups of about 5 emails each.  Obviously, if I kept downloading in those small increments, it would take me a very long time to download for the years I've been using gmail.

Each time I re-enter the password in Outlook, the same error message is showing up: "You can't make this change because the selection is locked."  The name of the last person to write on this this thread is Suzanne S. Barnhill, who writes the following:

"If the document is not read-only and not protected in some other way, it could be that you have an Office subscription that has expired. That would be true only if you have Office 2016 through Office 365, not if you have a perpetual license for Office 2016."

If that were true, it would explain a lot, and it would be yet another case of Microsoft throwing out an error message that is irrelevant to what is really going on.  Given that my password works on my cell and is not on desktop application, I am inclined to agree with this assessment.  Any thoughts?  Am I missing something here?  Thank you, ~ Peter Ferber
Jackie ManCommented:
The error msg you saw is related to the license of Office 2016.

Office 2016 installed is using an Office 365 for Business subscription and you need to sign on with one of Office 365 subscription account associated with the same Business subscription account in order to use Outlook 2016.

There is no workaround as the license is not owned by you.

If the subscription license is still valid and you need to ask the Office 365 admin to handle the problem.

Otherwise, you need to purchase a license for Office 365 personal subscription if you have five devices to use Office 2016. Or purchase an Office 2016 Home and Business OEM version. Uninstall the existing Office 2016 and install your own Office 2016 software via MS Office portal.

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PeterFrbWeb development, Java scripting, Python TrainingAuthor Commented:
In spite of this not being my preferred answer, its accuracy still makes it the best answer.   Good job on seeing through the misleading error message to get to the truth of the matter.  Message inaccuracies are the bane of a programmer's existence, making me take responsibility for something that is not my responsibility, and leading me down darkened, dead-end side streets and alleyways.  You provide a valuable service when saying, "No, this is what's really happening." ~ Peter Ferber
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