Outlook not responding, for quite a lot of people. Then goes back to normal. Exchange databases?

hi guys,

We have an Exchange 2010 environment on virtual Windows 2008 R2 servers. We have two of them, with Enterprise licenses.

We used to have them split into only a few databases, after which the size of some databases was hitting 1TB. So, we added more storage to our SAN, added more drives to our Exchange and created around 14 databases and began to move mailboxes over to the newly created databases, so that their sizes are smaller. I am one of the people who has moved across to the new database.

I'm using Outlook 2013 64-bit version (used to have 32-bit and still gave the same issues), but every single time I click into my 'Calendar' my Outlook hangs and freezes, then moments later I am prompted to enter username/password. I will cancel it and click into the corner where it says 'Not connected' and then it Reconnects again and shows me my calendar. But from time to time, the application again freezes.

The same thing happens with some of my colleagues. My mailbox size is no more than 4GB.

What could be the cause of these hangs? Is there something we can do to find out what is causing these issues?

Thanks for your help
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Ashvin AshokTeam Manager - ITCommented:
I will provide the steps to fix the issue with Outlook where the application stops responding when switching from Mail to Calendar.


If the computer connected to a Domain/Network, check if other users are also experiencing the same issue when using the Exchange account in Outlook 2013.


Let us follow the methods to determine if this is an application specific issue or the Exchange account specific.


Method 1:
Let us open Outlook is safe mode and check if we get the error message.

1. Click on Start -> Click on RUN.
2. Type Outlook /safe (Leave a space after Outlook) -> Click OK.


If we are able to open Outlook in safe mode without any error, then disable the add-ins and check if it helps. Refer the following steps on how to disable the add-ins from Outlook 2010:
1. Open Outlook.
2. Go to File -> Options -> Add-Ins.
3. Select Com Add-ins -> Click on GO.
4. Uncheck the available Add-ins -> Click on OK.


Method 2:
Create a new profile and setup the Exchange Account.

1. On Windows client machine Home Screen -> Type Mail (this will automatically search) and open the Mail app.
2. Go to Show Profiles -> Click Add and give a name to the new profile and click OK.
3. Select the option Prompt for a profile to be used -> Apply the settings.

Open Outlook, select the new profile when prompted and setup the Exchange Server account. Once the Synchronization from the server to Outlook is completed, check whether Outlook stops responding while accessing mail, calendar or contacts.


As the account type is Exchange the data you will not lose any information as the data would be on the server.

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