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Creating computers and adding them to list of groups in powershell

Good morning,

$OU= 'OU=Computers Win7,OU=something,OU=office,DC=net,DC=company,DC=co,DC=uk'
$computers = get-content 'C:\Powershell Projects\addcomputers\DB.txt'
$Groups = get-content 'C:\Powershell Projects\addcomputers\DBgroup.txt'

 ForEach ($Computer in $Computers) 
 New-ADComputer -Name $computer -Path $OU -Enabled $true
Foreach ($Group in $groups) {

 $Computername = $computer.name + '$'
 Add-ADGroupMember -Identity $group -Members $Computername

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So, it creates the machine and that's all fine, the issue is adding the computer to a list of groups which I have specified in the text file.

Example below

Domain users
Enterprise users
group 1
group 2

Now I get the error as follows

Add-ADGroupMember : Cannot find an object with identity: '$' under: 'DC=net,DC=CompanyDC=co,DC=uk'.
At line:13 char:2
+  Add-ADGroupMember -Identity $group -Members $Computername
+  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo          : ObjectNotFound: ($:ADPrincipal) [Add-ADGroupMember], ADIdentityNotFoundException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : SetADGroupMember.ValidateMembersParameter,Microsoft.ActiveDirectory.Management.Commands.AddADGroupMember

Any ideas?

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