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Exchange, outlook, voice mail

we need specific IVR recording to be played when the call reaches shared mail box which we have configured to voicemail. So is it possible to add the specific recording to specific shared mailbox?

I see  below steps but don't know where to do? do we have to do in outlook.

.      On the landing page, click the "Mail" link or select "Mail" from the list that appears when you click the grid icon in the top-left corner. 
2.      Click the Gear icon (top right) and select "Mail" under the "My app settings" subheading. 
3.      From the Options menu on the left, click "General." and note the "Voice Mail" section underneath it. 
4.      Expand the "Voice mail" menu. 
5.       Using the links available under Voice Mail, you can alter voice mail options including resetting your PIN and recording new greetings. 

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