visual studio not able to load a project

I am trying to load a project, it is giving
(The project requires user input. Reload the project for more information)
on reload it is giving a msgbox with red x   and one word  (filename)!!
I appreciate it if any one can help
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sarabandeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you would experience the same issue again, you may look into the solution file with extension .sln with a normal text editor. you also can use viusal studio editor but only when the solution is not opened and by using the 'open with...' option where you choose normal source code editor.

in the solution file there are references to the project files. search for the project which doesn't open and check the file path which is the second property of the project properties. normally it is a relative path, relative to the folder where the solution file was located. the path must exist. if there is an absolute path with a drive letter, check whether the drive letter exists. for example if you are using a usb stick, the drive letter might change. or if you were using a network share things are different as well.

if all looks good but still the issue, you might open a command window and change to the folder where devenv.exe of visual studio 2015 is located (normally in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2015\...\Common7\IDE, the ... depends on your version. mine is 'Enterprise').  

cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2015\Enterprise\Common7\IDE"
devenv.exe /?

Open in new window

now you can see how to open a project in visual studio without a solution but only with the project file.

devenv /project "full_path_to_project_file"

Open in new window

if you start it that way it would create a new solution file successful. then you could compare both the solution files and you should be able to see where the problems are. if it doesn't open the issue is in the project file and you should see some error output in the console.

it could be that the project was moved somehow and the relative location to the solution (file) changed.

you may remove the project from solution tree and then add it again by right-clicking to the solution in the solution explorer (in vs2017, toggle the solution tree to folder view first).

what kind of project is it? and what is the visual studio version?

saljasAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for your help Sara,

I resolved it immediately by creating another folder and shift the files to it, I am trying to find out (why) in order to avoid it in the future.
If this is happening for every body, and all the time, then it does not worth spending time with visual studio.

It is visual studio 2015, and the project kind is web form site.
saljasAuthor Commented:
I shift all files to another location
Thanks to Sara, she pointed the reason causes the issue.
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