Replace characters in a file


  I have a huge flat file which has many fields.
Three of those fields are: First_Name, Last_Name and SSN (9 or <9  characters)
My requirement is to use powershell, to substitute the vowels in the First_Name and Last_Name, with 'X'
and change the SSN to XXX-XX-Last 4 SSN.

Can someone kindly help with the script for it?
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That should do the trick.
Note that the last two SSNs don't comply with your definition; Brian Doug's only has 8 numbers, Kevin Brady's has 10. Is that an issue in the real file that you want to be informed about, or is it just because of the sample having been generated on the fly?
$ReplaceChar = 'X'
Import-Csv C:\Temp\Sample.csv | ForEach-Object {
	ForEach ($Property In 'First_Name', 'Middle_Name') {
		$_.$Property = $_.$Property -replace '[aeiou]', $ReplaceChar
	$_.SSN = $_.SSN -replace '(...)(..)(....)', ("$($ReplaceChar*3)-$($ReplaceChar*2)-`$3")
} | ConvertTo-Csv -NoTypeInformation |
	ForEach-Object {($_ -replace '","', ',').Trim('"')} |
	Set-Content -Path C:\Temp\Converted.csv

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Edit: Fixed the issue where the characters in the SSN weren't replaced.
please post a representative sample of your CSV file.
ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
Just a comment: Depending on the use-case, this is may not a sufficient measure to anonymize data.
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pvsbandiAuthor Commented:
Attached it.
I recommend this simplification for the SSN substitution.  It produces valid output no matter the length of the SSN string.  You can use any string characters as the pad
	$a = ($_.SSN -replace '-', '').PadLeft(9, '.')
	$_.SSN = 'XXX-XX-' + $a.substring($a.length - 4)

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pvsbandiAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much!
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