Perl replacement for Windows MSXSL.exe

I am moving some scripts I have from a Windows to a Linux system and so need to replace the MSXSL exe.

Currently I make calls like the following to reference my XSLT scripts and pass the needed parameters.

sub run {
  my $Command = $_[0];
  print "Running Command : $Command\n";

sub ProduceSingleFile($;$)
  my $file = $_[0];
  my $outputPrefix = $_[1];
  my $input_file = basename($file);

  #croak "Can't cd to working directory: $!\n" unless chdir $nzrb_process_dir;

  if ($input_file =~ /(.*)\.xml$/)
   	run("MSXSL $file Produce_People_Names.xsl -o $people_file");

     $temp_file = $outputPrefix.'output/'.$1.'.tmp';
     print("$file => $temp_file\n");

     run("MSXSL $file APNZ_Main.xsl -o $temp_file people_file=$people_file nzpa_testing=$nzpa_testing");
   unlink $temp_file

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I have attempted using XML::XSLT in the following way
        my $xslt = XML::XSLT->new ("Produce_People_Names.xsl");
        # transform XML file and print output
        print $xslt->serve($input_file);
        # free up some memory

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But get an error "Can't locate object method "new" via package "XML::XSLT". My XML::XSLT version is 0.31

What would be the best method for achieving my goal. My XSL scripts do not contain any "extras" and just use the basic commands.
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I've never actually used XSLT from Perl but you can use XML::LibXSLT with XML::LibXML to do XSLT.
jetbetAuthor Commented:
XML-LibXSLT looks like a good fit although trying to find a repository to add to ppm is not as easy to find as I feel it should be
jetbetAuthor Commented:
The reason for using ppm is to set it up on my windows system before I move it.
Not sure.  I don't use ppm either.  I just use Strawberry Perl on Windows and compile-from-source on Unix.  So far, I've never had any issues moving from Windows to Unix (provided Windows-only packages like Win32::* aren't used) -- it's much easier to have issues going the other way (Unix to Windows) as there are a fair number of modules that don't work or have little bugs on Windows.

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jetbetAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.

It looks as though Strawberry Perl is the way to go.
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