Incorrect PSK for Network SSID - Can't Connect to WiFi

Running Windows 7 at one of my client's offices and attempting to connect to their WIFI (It's called contractornet). Every one around me with is able to connect to that network and I am able to connect to other wifi's without a problem (at the hotel, for example). We've tried a bunch of stuff to resolve this, like repairing network connection, etc.) but nothing seems to work. Not even sure at this point what we can do to resolve this.

Any ideas?
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Have you deleted the network profile entirely? And have you made sure you're using the correct version of WPA  (which should be WPA2)?
cbridgmanAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your initial assistance on this. I did delete the network and checked the version. It was WPA2. Still no luck. However, we've left the client site and won't be able to get back to this until we return in another month or 2.

I am going to close this question for now and re-open when we are able to test again.
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