How do i open an access form from an Excel Hyperlink Button

I want to be able top open an access form an excel button with a hyperlink.

I know with Word and Excel this can be done with a # after the file name linked to a bookmark or range name but not sure how to create the link to an Access form

Thanks Paul Collins
Paul CollinsAsked:
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Anders Ebro (Microsoft MVP)Connect With a Mentor Microsoft DeveloperCommented:
Not sure specifically about that.
But if you drag a form from the nav pane in access, onto your desktop, that creates a shortcut to THAT form in access.

You could then in theory place that shortcut on your network drive, then create a hyperlink from excel to the shortcut.

In theory it might work, haven't tried it. But its a no-code solution that takes less than a minute to implement.

If you want further info on how to DEEP link to access, I.e. how to use more than just the form, but possibly even navigating to a record see my article on deep linking.

Access Email with hyperlink to record
Deep linking in Access
Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
You can open Access fairly easily with a command line call:

"full path to msaccess.exe" "full path to your database"

Opening a specific form can be achieved one of two ways:

1. Set a Startup form in the Access application.
2. Create an AutoExec macro where you open the desired form

Note that you may be able to get away with NOT including the path to msaccess.exe, if your file associations are set correctly on the target machine.
Paul CollinsAuthor Commented:
Well it does work as you suggested. Never thought of this approach   Your website looked most interesting.
Would be curious to see what others come up on this
Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
That is interesting. Never knew you could do that. Thanks Anders!
Paul CollinsAuthor Commented:
I was surprised at solution..Its quick and you need to keep the shortcuts you make  in a file in a specific folder so you can hyperlink to that shortcut to it but it works..  dont change the name of the shortcut but if you open it and go to security and click on Authenticated users you get the Object Name which you can use as your hyperlink.

In the example below I am opening a table "1_WIDT_X_Data_Access" in an access database called "Core2016"
However all this was created automatically by the process above.

C:\KeyFiles\101 CoreWorkArea\AccessFormsOpenDirect\Shortcut to 1_WIDT_X_DATA_ACCESS_Import in Core2016.accdb.MAT
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