Least expensive auto GPS tracking products

What are the Least expensive tracking products and options for tracking my vehicle using GPS?
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Alan HendersonConnect With a Mentor Retired marine engineerCommented:
Top Ten Reviews tested several low cost trackers. They recommend the Amber Alert.

See their reviews here.
Alan HendersonConnect With a Mentor Retired marine engineerCommented:
If you really want cheap, you can do it for the cost of an old mobile phone.

Gizmodo describe the method right here
Bill PrewConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you tell us more about the use case?  The cheapest way is to use your own cell phone if you are just looking for a record of where YOU went.  If you want to track your car when you are not in it, then a question becomes is it stealth mode, or is it okay to be visible and obvious.  Many of the low cost devices are battery powered, but that means they need charging less than weekly.  Or some plug into the cigarette lighter, but that would clearly be visible.  I like the OBD plug in ones, a little out of site, and powered by car electronics.

Your real cost here will not be the device itself, many of those are in the $25 to $75 range these days, but rather the monthly plan to gather the data from the devices.  Again, goes back to use case.  If you don't need real time info, then you can buy a cheap "data logger" GPS that just stores location info in itself, and you have to later download to a computer to see location info.  This would require no monthly plan.  But for real time tracking, the device needs to connect to a cellular network to send data in to a cloud based host where it can be viewed by you.  These typically don't start much lower than $10 a month.  If you commit to a year term then cost can be lower than month to month.

Take a look here for some of the popular ones on Amazon, will give you an idea of the cost and features.

Amazon Best Sellers: Best Vehicle GPS Tracking and Monitoring Modules

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