Mapped drive access via VPN

Here is the setup:

I have a client with domain and all workstations and laptops are domain joined. Each laptop has two mapped drives - Q and S. We have a firewall that has VPN functionality - L2TP over IPsec. I have setup the users in the firewall and setup the VPN settings. We are using Windows VPN tool. The VPN forces all internet activity through the firms connection where the domain is setup. The VPN provides DCHP addresses to the clients, with the firms DNS servers. When the users try to access the shared drives, they are prompted for their credentials.

I thought the local workstation would cache the credentials and pass them to through the VPN?

Edit 1: When connected to the network via VPN I can ping the server host name.

Any help is greatly appeciated.
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Cached credentials are not passed to the DC.  You need to connect to the VPN before logon as Bryant suggested.  If using the Windows VPN client you should be able to do so.  I have blogged about this.  The article may be helpful.
Bryant SchaperCommented:
Ok, shooting from the hip, but the logon is pre-vpn so they are not authenticated to the domain.  Does the MS vpn support VPN at logon?
YortAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the quick responses. Based on the comments, I found the RADIUS VPN option and am testing it now.
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