IBM i-Series difference Between Writer and Printer ?

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Please Explain Difference between Writer and Printer in AS400
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The Start Printer Writer (STRPRTWTR) command starts a spooling writer to the specified printer. The writer, which is a system job, takes spooled files from an output queue and produces (writes) the output on the printer device. This command specifies the name of the printer, the names of the output and message queues used, and the name of the writer.

More than one writer can be active at the same time (as determined by the spooling subsystem description), and up to 10 writers can be active to the same output queue. Each writer must have a unique writer name, its own device, and only one type of writer (print, remote, or diskette) can be active to a single output queue. A writer that has been started can be actively writing output or waiting for a file entry to be put on the output queue. The writer can be changed, held, or cancelled if the Change Writer (CHGWTR), Hold Writer (HLDWTR), or End Writer (ENDWTR) command is used. Because each writer runs independently of the job that started it, you can continue doing other work on the system after you start a writer.
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant

Printer is hardware.

Writer is a job that picks up output from an output queue, optionally formats it, and sends it to a printer.

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