Can RSTP and MST switches co exist

We are about to install a pair of S4048-ON switches to our current environment. Rapid spanning tree will be configured on these switches. Current were are running MSTP on our 2 x N4032 stacks and 2 x 3024 switches

Our current environment consists of the following,

N4032 stack  1 -  MST Spanning tree >>> > N3024   -  MST Spanning tree
N4032 stack  2 -  MST Spanning tree >>> > N3024   -  MST Spanning tree

The new switch configuration will be

S4048-ON1 >>>> N4032 stack  1 >>> > N3024   -  MST Spanning tree
S4048-ON2 >>>> N4032 stack  2 >>> > N3024   -  MST Spanning tree

My questions are

(a) Can RSTP and MST exist together?
(b) The best way of doing this.

Thank you, Experts
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Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
A) Yes. They can coexist but it's not going work very well if you have any redundant links between them.   If you have single links between the RSTP and MST switches, it will work fine.  If you have redundant links with multiple VLAN's split across the links, then you will probably have some VLAN's blocked on both links.

B) Run the same spanning tree protocol on all your switches.  That's really the only way I would setup switches.
mshaikh22Author Commented:
Thank you, Don.
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