Gmail account keeps asking for password in outlook

My Gmail account keeps asking for a password in outlook. It says to login and change the password on the web. I did and it still did not work. I tried to create a new profile in outlook and I get the same problem. I also tried to forward one Gmail emails to another. It comes up saying server denied pop3 access. It is a pop3 account and the settings are enabled.
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Obaid ur RehmanConnect With a Mentor Technical and Operations ManagerCommented:
Will second Alan's suggestion. The article suggests if It indicates "password incorrect". If you are still not able to solve the issue, generate an app password from settings and use it in the password field!
AlanConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:

You may need to allow 'less secure devices' to access your account:

Pushpakumara MahagamageVPCommented:
if error is still there, I mean after setting less secure device access, You have to check whether ports open. you can try outlook with another internet connection or use telnet
avib27Author Commented:
Thank you all for the help!
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