Cisco ASA 5505 unable to connect with neither console cable or ASDM

Win 10.
I had to rebuild the HDD and lost the various settings. With the new rebuilt computer, I can`t access the ASA.

I can see the com port (currently COM3) in device manager which disappears when I remove the console cable. Settings are correct (9600, 8, 1, none, off).
When I use either PuTTY or TeraFirm I get a blank screen. When I hit a key, it asks for username and then password - NO hostname.

ASDM access on Https:// again asks for username and password - no access.

This ASA has been working  now for months, and still is - all that has changed is now I have no access to it.
Without at least console access I can`t do anything.

Any help would be gratefully received :-(
David RuaneAsked:
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what kind of help do you need ?
You just need to input user and password. Have you lost them ? Default are user: cisco pwd: cisco

If you do not remember that, you will need to do a password recovery procedure, which will retain your config but let you change password.

Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Agreed, the firewall is doing exactly what I would expect it to?
David RuaneAuthor Commented:
Thank you for you assistance. I have read the procedure re change of password but my concerns are as follows"

1. When I first set the unit up, after connecting the console cable and hitting a key, I would get "ciscoasa". I`d then hit "en"... and that would put me into the configuration profile. This is no longer happening - I am being presented with "username "and then "password"  - why would it drop the ciscoasa identifier and not put in anything else? It is not accepting the username or passwords I have written down for the unit.

2. If I try doing power on/off and the password reset and the serial cable is working ok and the unit accepting commands, then I should see the script having hit the esc key. - Will the existing commands stay in place after a password reset?

3. Now if I don`t see the commands, do I then assume the serial cable is  not working and go for another one?

Many thanks
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
1. It's doing this because someone has enabled AAA for console sessions, like so;

aaa authentication serial console LOCAL

2. If you want to recover the password you can do so WITHOUT LOSING THE CONFIGURATION, follow my advice below;

Cisco ASA – Password Recovery / Reset

3. If you don't see any commands at all? By all means try another cable, but sometimes I find rebooting the device while console cabled in, suddenly makes the console session bust into life (obviously do this after hours or at lunchtime).


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David RuaneAuthor Commented:
Serial cable was faulty - now replaced and everything working as it should.
Many thanks
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