Combo box "Product_ID" triggers the onchange event and values in Combo box "Service_Access_Type" value changes. Unable to get this done via VBA. Please help. I need this urgently.

I am fetching values from Excel workbook and filling the web page.

The HTML Code of that web page -

<select name="Product_id" id="Product_id" onchange="setAccess_Type3(request3)">
							<option ></option>
							<option value="AVPN-ETH">AVPN-ETH</option>
							<option value="EPLS">EPLS</option>
							<option value="MIS">MIS</option>
							<option value="OPT-E-WAN">OPT-E-WAN</option>

					<td>Service Access Type<font color="red">*</font>:</td>
		<select name="Service_Access_Type" id="Service_Access_Type" onchange="setBandWidth3(request3)">

My VBA code so far - Sub BOT_Processing()

Dim IE As Variant
Dim form As Variant, button As Variant

Set IE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")

Site_Id = Range("B1").Value
Street_Address = Range("B7").Value
City = Range("B8").Value
State = Range("B9").Value
Zip_Code = Range("B10").Value
Att_Product_id = Range("B14").Value
Service_Access_Type = Range("B15").Value
Term = Range("B16").Value
Access_Bandwidth_id = Range("B17").Value
Customer_Interface = Range("B19").Value
Additional_Information = Range("B23").Value
RECEIVER_ATTUID = Range("B24").Value

With IE
.Visible = True
.navigate ("")

    While IE.readyState <> 4

IE.document.getElementsByName("Site_Id").Item.innerText = Site_Id
IE.document.getElementsByName("Street_Address").Item.innerText = Street_Address
IE.document.getElementsByName("City").Item.innerText = City
IE.document.getElementsByName("State").Item(0).Value = State
IE.document.getElementsByName("Zip_Code").Item.innerText = Zip_Code
IE.document.getElementsByName("Att_Product_id").Item(0).Value = Att_Product_id

IE.document.getElementsByName("Service_Access_Type").Item(0).Value = Service_Access_Type
IE.document.getElementsByName("Term").Item(0).Value = Term
IE.document.getElementsByName("Access_Bandwidth_id").Item(0).Value = Access_Bandwidth_id
IE.document.getElementsByName("Customer_Interface").Item(0).Value = Customer_Interface
IE.document.getElementsByName("Additional_Information").Item.innerText = Additional_Information
IE.document.getElementsByName("RECEIVER_ATTUID").Item.innerText = RECEIVER_ATTUID

'Set form = ie.document.getElementsByTagName("form")
'Set button = form(0).onsubmit
End With

Set IE = Nothing

End Sub

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Thank you so much. But I didn't find any solution yet. Can you help? This is really urgent.
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