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Website structure security risks


I am curious if it is a security risk to keep internal files within the same level of the accessible directory. I am using Plesk to manage my server.

Plesk sets up the directory structure as such
  1. vhost
    1. example.com
      1. error_docs
      2. http
      3. logs

Within the example.com directory, the http directory is accessible to the public via www.example.com

i have added additional directories within the example.com directory to keep everything in the same spot. The additional folders contain sensitive information.

I know that these folders are not directly accessible to standard users but im curious if i should move them up the directory hierarchy so i only have the public http directory.  Or is this something i dont have to even worry about
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
I would, what is to stop someone from guessing the directory name.. Also not all web crawlers will respect the robots.txt and index everything they can access
J NUnicorn wranglerAuthor Commented:
Spiders cannot index the folders because they are in the same directory level as the website

  1. htttp <- www.example.com 
  2. include <- www.example.com/include/ would return a 404 error
  3. functions
  4. files
  5. layouts
Phil PhillipsDirector of DevOps & Quality AssuranceCommented:
Ahh, so your web root folder is "www.example.com/http"?  In that case, the other directories are safe from direct web access from the outside world (short of a some kind of vulnerability, but it's pretty much no different than putting them elsewhere on the file system).

Though, depending on the type of sensitive information (i.e. customer data, etc), you wouldn't want that sitting on a publicly accessible server in the first place.  But, judging from the directory structure, it looks like log files and source code, so I'd say it's fine how it is.
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