Auto data

I have a field set to send auto data ( D&R)

when I create a new record and go to the Kitchen tab the auto data dose not appear.
When I click on the check box next to it, the auto data appears.
If I take of the auto data, and I click on the check box next to it, it just places the check mark.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong...
I checked to make sure that each field has the correct values form is correct and are even spelled diff.

I have done the same in a diff tab and it works correctly, so i'm not sure why its not working on the kitchen tab.

Juan PineiroAsked:
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from memory, only the main form is refreshed after creation, not external tables or fields in tabs.
if it works for another tba, its probaly because another event is trigger a refresh or record save.
so save the record after creation, or refresh screen.
Juan PineiroAuthor Commented:

Thank you for your reply, but I'm not following.

The filed that I have working with the auto data is not on a tab control...
Are you saying that the auto data will not work if it is part of a tab control?

Can you explain it to me in a very stupid way, pretty new at this and want to make sure I understand.

Will LovingPresident, Dedication Technologies, Inc.Commented:
I would need to see the data structure (you can send it to me via the messages area if you like) but it sounds like the field you are checking is in another table and that when you check the checkbox it is creating a related record. If that's the case, the reason "auto-enter"is not working is because no related record exists at the outset. If you want to create a related record on creation of the initial record than you will probably need to script that in. As I recall from our previous discussion of this database, you had constructed it with one-to-one relationships to other tables that were probably unnecessary, such as a separate "Kitchen" table when there would only be one Kitchen table record per Scope record. The suggestion I made at the time is that while the Kitchen field could be on another tab, a separate table and record for "Kitchen" was not necessary unless you needed more than one related "Kitchen" record per Scope record.
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- when you click anywhere after record creation, does it have any affect?
- is the faulty field in the the same table as the one linked to the current layout?
- what is the auto-enter type? fixed data, calculation, if yes based on what?
as will loving seems to know yr data structure, he may be right if the field is not in the main table but in a related table.
Juan PineiroAuthor Commented:

It is fixed data (D&R) should show when a new record request is made.

The filed is in the Kitchen tab and the one that is working is outside of the tab control.
and is it in the main table?
Juan PineiroAuthor Commented:
yes in the main table,  in which the tab control is on...

Like I said, the other auto data in also on the main page, but not in the tab control.

So is that why its not working?
Juan PineiroAuthor Commented:
but I have a table for Kitchen and another for Kitchen notes

so the main table is


on the scopshert table I inserted a control tab

in the kitchen control tab is where the issue is occurring...
ok, so I think we are back to a refresh pb.
you did not answer to the question:
- when you click anywhere after record creation, does it have any affect?
If you want to prove the tab panel is the guilty one, simply duplicate the field and place one inside and the other outside the tabpanel.
Will LovingPresident, Dedication Technologies, Inc.Commented:
Juan, the basic point I would make is that UNLESS a given project (scope record) will have more than ONE set of specs for Ceiling, Walls, Flooring, Kitchen, Bathrooms, then all the fields that are currently in separate tables should be put into the primary scope table. The only separate table you'll need is a single Notes table. The Notes table will need a "Type" field for Ceiling, Walls, Flooring, Kitchen, Bathrooms. You can then set a filter on the notes portal to show only a specific type. You could have a single Notes portal and have the contents shift for each tab via a Script Trigger when you switch tab. The trigger would simple change the value in a Global Filter field to Ceiling, Walls, Flooring, Kitchen, or Bathrooms.

And just to clarify, the reason the auto-enter is not working is as I suspected, that the field you're checking is in a separate, related (and probably unnecessary) table.

And just to clarify further, look at the fields in the current related tables, I would enormously simply that by removing all the fk_ fields, the creation and modification date fields, and the fields related to notes (which will be in a separate table. If you want to organize the fields in Scope then add a single letter prefix for each one such as "b_" for bathrooms, "c_" for ceiling, etc. You're already done this for flooring and walls, so just extend it to all the categories and then copy ONLY the needed fields back into Scopesheet and fix your layout to relate to those fields rather than the related tables. Then deleted the unneeded tables.
when I asked where is the field, he said the main table... It seems, according to what you say, that is not true!
Will LovingPresident, Dedication Technologies, Inc.Commented:
To simply my response: put all the currently related fields into the ScopeSheet table with prefixes. Put all the Notes into a single table with the NoteType field designator and Portal filter as I've shown in my revised example file.

From a database design standpoint, there are a series of established criteria for database structure called "Normal Forms" which define (ideally) rules for database structure which if followed will give the most efficient, least redundant structure. These forms are to a certain degree ideals because some database development environments have certain capabilities that mimic the form rule or allow you to bypass the traditional need to create a table for each distinct set of data. FileMaker's Value Lists are an example of this, where FM offers you this special capability to create a Value List rather than have to create a separate table for each set of values or two tables, one a "list of lists" and the other a table of all values that includes the name of the list each value is associated with.

One of the primary goals of the normal forms is to reduce replication and redundancy as well as needless duplication and possibly confusion of data. In this case, that means that if you have multiple tables that all have the exact same fields and structure such as your multiple Notes fields, then you should find a way to restructure and eliminate that redundancy, in this case by simply adding a "NoteType" field which designate which part of the project the Note is associated with. You can then simply filter the notes for that project by Type when viewing other fields (or in your case a tab) related to that project.

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Juan PineiroAuthor Commented:
Will I Got it.

I will start on it and send you a copy of what I have do so far, While I do understand the note part I'm not sure I know how to do it.

Will update you soon.
Juan PineiroAuthor Commented:
Explained in an easy to understand manner.
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