Clouds file hosting service and VPN access to file server

Can anyone give me some pro and crons for sharing files on cloud services vs file access to a centralized file through VPN  to local server ?

Will cloud services do you recommend if most of the users are in China ?

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Justin EvansCommented:
First of all is this on a user per user basis?  or is this something that administrators need to do on a regular basis?  I will assume this is for your users.  So I would recommend sharing files on cloud services such as google drive or one drive to share across the world.  I would like to recommend Nord VPN for your users in China,  so they can get around the Chinese government  Firewall so they have access to western sites.

If I have misread the question please let me know.
AXISHKAuthor Commented:
It is for our users across different regions in China.

We have our VPN software (sonicwall and Fortigate VPN clients) which works right now.

If I go for MS OnDrive, will it be easier as users don't need to install VPN software.  Besides, the performance should be better than ours as I suppose Microsoft should provide better infrastructure behind their Cloud service. Correct ?

Justin EvansCommented:
correct.  If you are happy with the answer please can you accept the solution.

Kind Regards

Justin Evans
Microsoft has a lot of scale and stability to their services, yes. However, in terms of cloud vs onsite, it basically comes down to how much infrastructure you want to be responsible for. Upside of a shift to the cloud is less need for capital investment, but you're also giving up some control in the process. At the end of the day, it comes down to things like that, along with the sensitivity of the data that is going to end up out there.
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