File sharing on Clouds

Is there any setup example on sharing files on Microsoft Clouds, main on

1. simply sharing of files across different regions in China
2. approval progress for CAPEX / OPEX (Excel / Word document)

Is it any simple guideline for setting up option 2 ?

Can I say Clouds should provide better performance (Speed) comparing with users access the document in one centralized server through VPN, as Microsoft should provide better network connectivity across different regions / countries through their cloud services ? Window OS are Window 7, 8 and 10.

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Jose Gabriel Ortega CConnect With a Mentor CEO J0rt3g4 Consulting ServicesCommented:
I would suggest you Azure  File Storage,
how to use it?

or just use SharePoint Online or 2 servers Sharepoint infrastructure (on-premises) on VMs in the cloud where you can do the whole business process.

Ohh and there's another way to do it, using bonita BPM
A server in the cloud with this software :)
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