Roaming in a Aruba Wireless Environment (IAP)

Just wondering if anyone know why the client doesn't reconnect to a different AP that is closer automatically?  Could it be that I didn't wait long enough but I think user shouldn't have to wait that long for it to switch to the closer AP.  I noticed and was testing that I was connected to one AP and walked to the other end of the building, the IAP should have reconnected to the AP closer to where I was (I was right below the second/new AP area).  I had to manually disconnect and reconnect to force the connection.

Is there any setting that might make this happen?
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Jakob DigranesConnect With a Mentor Senior ConsultantCommented:
Hi ---

you have to chnage dbm send receive strength not channels
Craig BeckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's mostly a client decision to roam, so if it deems the signal from a distant AP to be acceptable it will stay where it is in order to keep traffic flowing. You can change sensitivity on some clients but it's not an exact science. Similarly you can do it at the AP but the same applies.
Jakob DigranesSenior ConsultantCommented:
Craig is correct - the roaming is always up to the client. Aruba however use ClientMatch to try to encourage clients to roam. as a general guideline - set sent receive power of 2,4Ghz to half of 5Ghz to avoid clients to switch to 2,4GHhz instead of roam - as 2,4 Ghz has double the range of 5Ghz.
2,4Ghz - 6 - 9 dbm
5Ghz - 12 - 15dbm

also make sure wifi drivers are updated with client PC
8055730Author Commented:
HI Jakob,

I tried to set the sent receive power to half of 5Ghz for the 2.4Ghz as you suggested but the lower channel for 5Ghz was 36 and not 12.
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