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arrows always visible in PowerPoint?

Is it possible to have the 'direction arrows' in PowerPoint be visible at all times? Thanks
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Jamie GarrochPowerPoint Consultant & DeveloperCommented:
Which "direction arrows" are you referring to? Can you share a screenshot within this question?
XeronimoAuthor Commented:
the arrows to go forward or backward in a presentation
Ah, that is called the popup toolbar. (I know, it's a stupid name.)

I believe you can make it stay visible if you also make your mouse pointer always visible. Right-click on the slide show and choose Arrow Options, then Visible.

You can turn the popup toolbar off by choosing File | Options | Advanced and unticking the option to "show popup toolbar." But leaving that option checked only makes the popup toolbar appear when you first start the show. It then fades away after a few seconds and reappears when you wiggle the mouse to make the pointer visible. In other words, ticking that option won't make the popup toolbar always visible.
Jamie GarrochPowerPoint Consultant & DeveloperCommented:
Echo's method will keep the built-in next/previous arrow buttons in the popup toolbar present for the duration of the current slide show. Note that you'll need to set the pointer option step every time you start the slide show. You will of course see all the other buttons in that bit of the slide show UI:
PowerPoint 2016 slide show popup toolbarIf what you need is next/previous buttons in your slide show, another option is to use your own buttons by adding shapes to the slide master and setting hyperlink actions for them as follows:

1. Click View / Slide Master
2. Select the topmost thumbnail in the left hand pane
3. Insert a shape of your choice and then select it
4. Click the Insert tab followed by the Link button on the Links group
5. Click the Place in This Document button on the left of the window that appears
6. Click Previous Slide followed by OK
7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 for your Next Slide button
8. Click the Slide Master tab and then Close Master View

In step 3, you can add text, format the shape and/or make a button from several shapes. If you use multiple shapes, add a transparent shape above all others and use that for your hyperlink.

You will now see previous and next buttons on every slide for every slide show without having to set it up each time.
Ah, good idea, Jamie.
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