Active Directory Users migration

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I am want to copy some of the user accounts from one Windows 2003 AD domain to another Windows 2003 AD domain. I am unable to use ADMT as the two domains are completely independent from each other and it is not possible to establish the trust.

Can you please let me know the best way to copy the user accounts. These accounts have also got a certificate attached with them. Is it possible to copy the certificate along with the account with all of its properties?

Many Thanks,
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Justin EvansCommented:
you could try  

LDIFDE but I am not sure if this is going to keep the certificate information hence why I say no trust no migration
Justin EvansCommented:
Establishing a trust is the best way,  I would be surprised if you could do this due to being able to copy accounts with certificates would be a security problem.  Hence why creating a transitive trust would be your best option.  no trust no migration
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