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Simple question, we are going to Office 365, we have a Domain Controller on premises 2008 SP2, but we want to completely host our AD in Azure AD in the cloud, without using AD on-premises.

Can this be done.   Is the process complicated to do.  Can someone guide me in the right direction.  

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Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
Azure AD is NOT a replacement for on-premises AD. If that's your goal, take a look at Azure AD Domain Services:

Or just deploy a DC in Azure VM.
zero000koolAuthor Commented:
So your telling me I cannot take my Windows 10 machines and if I am home I cannot log into Azure AD domain in the cloud?
I cannot have my users in house (office), cannot log into Azure AD in the cloud.  We have to use on-premises Active Directory

zero000koolAuthor Commented:
Thanks Excellent
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