Router with dual Lan recommendation

Have internet from two ISP one is faster but has packet loses, the other is reliable but slower, have two lan one for the phones and one for the office equipment the office equipment runs on the faster and the phones run on the more reliable. Looking have this settings one router, plus a failover option and email notification. And recommendation?
Abraham DeutschIT professionalAsked:
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Cisco RV340 Dual WAN Gigabit Router
Depends on other features you seek that aren't mentioned. For example, do you want a device that also does things like web filtering and deep packet inspection? I would steer you towards something like a Sonicwall TZ300 with the CGSS subscription.

Now that said, I would also encourage you to find out why you're having thatbtyoe of packet loss on the main connection. Could be a need to adjust MTU settings to increase stability.
Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
Hi Abraham,

For your packet loss on the main connect, dial in your MTU. Here's an article on how to do so:

Let me know if you have any questions!
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Abraham DeutschIT professionalAuthor Commented:
I need no other features other than described

The scenario is as following. The direct service to location from a isp is slow so thy got from a business center in the area that have fast internet a wireless point to point connection to their office into their main router . Therefore the isp cannot be blamed

 Where thy had a  issue with packet loss is with the phones so for the phones thy got a isp give them a line into their office.

I've seen many router that have the option of directing traffic and failover but email notifications so far I only found at the Cradlepoints for about $300
Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
Dialing in your MTU will only provide you more efficiency for your WAN connection and VPN tunnel (if you have them).

SonicWALL will do exactly what you are looking for. You can completely segment the two WANs and have them isolated so that WAN1 goes to your Phones network and WAN2 goes to your Office Equipment network. You also have flexibility, if you prefer, to loadbalance the two WAN connections if you want and fail them over and fail them back automatically with policy-based probing with email notification. Typically it is better to setup external up/down monitoring like or to get email notifications of the WAN failures, because depending on the ISP you may want to monitor upstream devices like your gateway to determine if it is a local issue or a network issue.

FYI, the Cisco RV series only run SPI (Stateful Packet inspection)...a 1994 based technology.
Abraham DeutschIT professionalAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your update. a sonicwall tz300 is over $500 before licensing. with the links you provided for external up/down monitoring, I can go with much cheaper routers that allow traffic policies and failover. what is your opinion?
Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
We are not talking about sizing here (total users, total daily connections, bandwidth, throughput parameters, etc.) because you have not stated that as part of your requirement. Precisely what you have stated is what I am addressing with the added idea, on my side, that a part of the defacto requirement of an edge device is being security-centric.

If this default underlying premise of how you view a firewall/UTM is not so then that means you do not care whatsoever about security, in terms of being compromised, ransomware, hacked, etc. If truly your only goal is to split networks then go with an Cisco RV series deprecated router. It is only $177 - you get what you pay for. :)

So, I never said go with the TZ300, but rather @masnrock did because from a security standpoint that is the entry-level security appliance where you can run a real-time, virtualized network sandbox, which allows you to block ransomware & zero-day attacks at the gateway. SonicWALL does make a SOHO security device, which is actually their true entry level security appliance but it can't perform the latter security function I mentioned. It is designed for small offices and homes and is great for the security baseline required to keep your network safe. I say security baseline because it is ever changing and in terms of web traffic now reaching 62% encrypted traffic, the baseline for security must be to inspect encrypted traffic as well since a relatively new trend has developed in adversarial attacks such as ransomware payloads, which are now using encryption. But I digress, you can get the SOHO for $355 ERP but through partners, like myself, you can get them for somewhere around $289.00. But again we never discussed sizing so to discuss specific devices is somewhat superfluous at this stage until you supply that info mention above.

Click Compare Products to view the specs:

Again with the up/down monitoring you get what you pay for...Monitis is far better and more flexible in what you can do and what you can monitor. Uptime Robot is free and do have a paid version but it only increases the frequency of the probes and the options are still limiting; you can only monitor certain protocols and cannot geo-target the probes, etc. Irrespectively, I'd get one or the other - even Uptime Robots are better than not having anything except an email from a router.

Does that make sense?

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Abraham DeutschIT professionalAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help
Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
I'm glad I could help...thanks for the points!
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