Windows 2012 -- DHCP Server -- Split Scope, use FAILING server's range ?

Is the "Split Scope" going to AUTOMATICALLY start issuing IPs from the down server's range (i.e. 151-200) when the only working server's "DHCP" (i.e. 100-150) range is "100%" in-use or do I need to MANUALLY expand the working server's range when the other server dies to be able to use the entire range on one server ?

I currently have two test DHCP servers setup on a "Split Scope" that work fine, issuing IPs when the other server is down

 1. 1st "DHCP" server's - range is down
 2. cliet IP gets issued from 2nd "DHCP" server's - range
 3. 2nd "DHCP" server's - range is down
 4. cliet IP gets issued from 1st "DHCP" server's - range
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I'm going to assume you mean "DHCP" wherever you mention "DNS", or else this question doesn't make sense.

Are you making use of the DHCP failover options in Server 2012 (and newer)?  In previous versions you could do some clustering, or set up a split-scope.

With failover either server can use the entire range when the other is down.  With split scopes each can only use the portion assigned to it.
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