Linux hardware RAID - Optimal LVM creation, and optimal XFS file system creation

We are migrating to RHEL 7.  We will be using SAS SSD drives with an LSI/Avago hardware RAID 10.  The RAID stripe size is 256K.  The RAID 10 has 8 drives (4 drive stripe).  We will use LVM, with an XFS file system.

I would like some specific advice on doing the LVM creation, and XFS creation, in the most optimal way (especially read performance).
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raconeAuthor Commented:
My sense after reviewing this a bit with Red Hat documentaion (etc.), is that the underlying storage setup (i.e. LSI RAID, etc.), will output "I/O hints" to fdisk, LVM, and mkfs.xfs in RHEL 7, and that these commands will automatically choose optimal settings for configuration.

Does this make sense?  Has anyone else dealt with this?
Scares my pants off having LVM and chipset RAID both running at the same time, you want hardware RAID on top too?

It may work but hard to describe exactly so no use for DR,
raconeAuthor Commented:
I answered my own question...
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