Exchange 2013 Certificate Renewal

I'm having a brain dead day and I know this is a super easy question, but I need help.  I need to renew my Exchange 2013 certificate for web access, autodiscover, etc.  I'm clear on creating the certificate request, submitting to certificate authority and then importing and assigning services.  My question is....When I do this, do the users see anything happen?  Do they get notified about the new certificate on their phones, outlook, anywhere?   Trying to decide if I need to warn users or am I good to do this all behind the scenes and no one is the wiser?  

Thanks experts in advance.
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Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
Since your domain is published outside with autodiscover new certificate will start working right away
I've observed in my environment that some users get pop-up for password once. Specially those with Office 2016   but most of users did not noticed certificate change.

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Todd NelsonSystems EngineerCommented:
When I do this, do the users see anything happen?

No, it is seamless.

Do they get notified about the new certificate on their phones, outlook, anywhere?

No, it is seamless.
tparrettAuthor Commented:
Both comments are perfect.  Picked Tom's because he was first.  Thanks so much for your help
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