excel - using if function with multiple possibilities

Hi guys

I have a cell, say A1, where I can have various values. I need to place a value on say A2 depending on the value of A1.
I can have multiple values, say up to 4. How can I handle this without using VBA (not permitted) ?

A1 "red" then A2 "choice 1"
A1 "blue" then A2 "choice 2"
A1 "green" then A2 "choice 3"
A1 "white" then A2 "choice 4"
A1 "not a color" then A2 "not applicable"

How would I do that ? I could use either a function or some sort of conditional input  (not sure this exists)...

Thanks all in advance.
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NorieAnalyst Assistant Commented:
By function do you mean a worksheet function or a user-defined function?

If it's the latter then it would mean using VBA.
ferraristaAuthor Commented:
Sorry I mean a worksheet function, you know, an excel function, where you enter the equal sign and then the function you want to use, like a vlookup, a sum and so on......

Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology ProfessionalCommented:
You could use a bunch of if functions:
=if(a1="red","choice 1",if(a1="blue","choice2", etc...

To make a more clean function, set up a table with your colours in the first column and choices in the second. Use a vlookup function to refer to the table.

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ferraristaAuthor Commented:
Got it. Can I ask something more.

What if I want to combine the input of two cells ?

A1 RED, A2 GREEN --> A3 RG

How could I do that ?

Thanks so much for your help!
NorieAnalyst Assistant Commented:
For that you could use this.

ferraristaAuthor Commented:
Sorrie Norie I don't get it. Where do you write the output ?
Garfield SamuelsProject ManagerCommented:
If you want anything other that the colors listed to be "not applicable" you can use:
=IF(A1="red", "choice 1",  IF(A1="blue", "choice2", IF(A1="green", "choice3",  IF(A1="white", "choice 4",  "not applicable"))))

if you want exactly "not a color" to result in "not applicable" then use:

=IF(A1="red", "choice 1",  IF(A1="blue", "choice2", IF(A1="green", "choice3",  IF(A1="white", "choice 4", IF(A1="not a color", "choice 4",  "not applicable")))))

Hope this helps.
ferraristaAuthor Commented:
Great, thanks!
Dustin SaundersDirector of OperationsCommented:
Yes, nested IF statements will handle that without VBA.  It can get real....  hard to manage...  in that tiny unformatted formula box....

What you might do is create another sheet that will be your statement builder so it's easier to manage.  Heres an example of how to set something like that up to generate the text for you to copy and get this:
IF(A1="red","choice1",IF(A1="blue","choice2",IF(A1="green","choice3",IF(A1="white","choice4","not applicable"))))

Open in new window

Garfield SamuelsProject ManagerCommented:
If you want exactly "not a color" to result in "not applicable" then use:

=IF(A1="red", "choice 1",  IF(A1="blue", "choice2", IF(A1="green", "choice3",  IF(A1="white", "choice 4", IF(A1="not a color", "not applicable","")))))
ferraristaAuthor Commented:
Thanks Garfield and Dustin, and Norie.
ShumsExcel & VBA ExpertCommented:

As per your quote:
What if I want to combine the input of two cells ?

A1 RED, A2 GREEN --> A3 RG

How could I do that ?

Try below in A3, you can add 7 more combination you like:
=IF(AND(A1="Red",A2="Green"),"RG",IF(AND(A1="Blue",A2="Green"),"BG","Not Applicable"))

Open in new window

Zeth LarssonCommented:
You can use the VLOOKUP - function

Let's say you have your colors in cell A1, and want the result i cell B1
Then you need to set up a matrix like this somewhere
As example I use this range of cells.
K10 = red, L10 = Choice 1
K11 = blue, L11 = Choice 2
Kxx = Not a color Lxx = Not applicable

Then in cell B2 you set the formula

Then I hope you have what you need!

Look at this video https://wus-streaming-video-rt-microsoft-com.akamaized.net/9c620fe5-d456-4416-aa80-b15d5171ad26/868190a7-8b9d-44df-8ceb-86170dc5_1024x576_2990.mp4

Regards /Zeth
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:

You missed a parameter from the VLOOKUP formula; the column offset value. It should be:

Zeth LarssonCommented:
Thanks Rob
There you earn the points :< )
I can not copy & paste formulas from my XL.
This function i swedish is =LETARAD(A1;K10:Lxx;2;FALSKT)   which can be translated as SEARCHROW(...
But by cowork I suppose ferrarista now got what he needs.
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