ECP not working

Getting the following error message. Can not longer login to my server via OWA. Any suggestions?

Alex saenzIT CoordinatorAsked:
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Jose Gabriel Ortega CConnect With a Mentor CEO J0rt3g4 Consulting ServicesCommented:
What version of exchange server?
this will work for 2013/2016
Looks like you messed up the certificates in your server (removed it), run in an ELEVATED  Exchange Powershell Server the following commands:
#you will receive a thumbprint
Enable-exchangeCertificate -thumbprint XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX -services IIS,SMTP

Open in new window

In IIS make sure that you have the binding certificate the (CN=<servername>) certificate in the front end and in the back end (in both sites the same certificate)

Then open a with elevated privilegies and run
#reset iis
then try again.
Valentina PerezConnect With a Mentor Exchange ServersCommented:
HI Alex,

As Jose Gabriel told seems to be a certificate issue.

If you check all the certificate, are they valid?

Run the following command:


If you want to verify all the properties:

Get-ExchangeCertificate | fl

Valentina PerezExchange ServersCommented:
No more comments from the author...issue seems to be solved
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