Looking for advanced Windows clipboard utilities

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What are some good advanced Windows 10 clipboard utilities?

For example Office 2000 used to have a clipboard function that allowed for 24 items to be placed into the clipboard and then re pasted back in the same order they were copied into the clipboard.

I'm looking for advanced Windows clipboard utilities and programs that extend the power and functionality of the Windows clipboard.

What are some good programs or utilities that will do this?
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Try Comfort Clipboard for Windows 10. Get the Pro version ($20)

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what are some other good programs that do this?

I would like to try them all.
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There were 10 programs in the link above. Try each of them.

Beware:  This kind of tool is counterproductive and they waste more time than they save. Maybe after you have settled on one and used it for 3 - 4 months, you might come out even.
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I use ClipCache Pro  http://www.xrayz.co.uk/clipcache/  and love it.

There's a list of companies there at the link that have used it.  You can specify what apps NOT to copy from.  For example I have blacklisted my Password manager so it doesn't save anything from that.  You can preview any clips you have saved and create folders of clips you want to permanently keep.  You've got a 30 day trial of it before buying.

On John's link I have tried Ditto and found it lacking.  Very basic.  Perhaps I needed more time with it or didn't have it configured correctly.
I've use Clipmate for years. Works great.
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> advanced Windows clipboard utilities

I'm a big fan of AutoHotkey and suggest taking a look at Clipjump (free!), which was developed with AutoHotkey:

In addition to that SourceForge link, here are a few others with information about it:

It is very robust — to use your term, extremely "advanced". Here's a screenshot of the Contents tab of the CHM Help file (copied here under "Fair Use"), which will give you some idea of how advanced it really is:

Clipjump Help Contents
The Clipjump.chm file is in the ZIP download — a quick spin through it is worthwhile.

I don't use Windows 10 in production, but I just tested it on a W10/64-bit sandbox and it worked fine. Definitely worth putting on your shortlist. Btw, you don't need to install AutoHotkey to use it — simply run the Clipjump.exe file in the ZIP download (that's what I did on the W10 sandbox). Regards, Joe

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