IP Soundtrack 7000 Polycomm and Switch Ports issue

I was working on upgrading some wireless Access Points and for some reason, two Polycomm Sound Track 7000 woudn't boot up normally and would show red LED status after it shows the Polycomm logo.  I googled and saw that one suggestion was hardset it by pressing 1,3,5,7, which I did but still the same issue.  We're trying to connect those phones to the original power adapter (if we can find it).  They are using PoE right now.

I connected a different Polycomm desktop phone to that jack and confirmed the port and cable are fine.  I even tried connect the IP Soundtrack 7000 directly to the switch port and has the same issue.  

It is weird that both IP Soundtrack 7000 would have the same issue.  Does anyone know what might be the issue other than to RMA it?

Also, what we noticed is that after the upgrade of our Wireless Access Points, the new Access Points wouldn't lid up until we changed the ethernet cable to a different switch ports.  This happened to about 4-5 Access Points and they are all PoE.

What would cause the original ports not to work and not sure if the Polycomm is related.
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What type of POE switch are you using? You may want to check that the Polycom is actually getting enough power, and also be sure that other changes weren't made.
8055730Author Commented:
It is a Cisco SG300 28P PoE switches.  No changes to the switch on the ports that they were connected to.

So we upgraded all 10 Access Points and those support more bandwidth/through and will definitely use more power but not sure how much more.  That could be part of the problem.
I would consider adding an additional POE switch to the network, and move the access points onto that. Gives you room for growth and spread the power load out a bit. Note that I'm assuming that all of your phones are POE, and maybe some other devices as well.

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