Log4j MDC variable or thread local variable


I want to share a few variable and values across layers - Presentation, Business, Persistence layer for HttpRequest - i.e single thread application where the app is deployed in tomcat

Is log4J MDC should be used or thread local variable would be the right choice?

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The MDC is automatically accessible from everywhere. But it is not accessible if you are using internal thread pools or Executors. For thread pools you will need to create your own thread pool, like it is explained here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6073019/how-to-use-mdc-with-thread-pools#19329668

With regards to the thread local, I think the MDC implementations do use ThreadLocal, so you could go with just MDC.

Just make sure that you clean the values in the MDC when the requests ends, otherwise you will end up with loads of unused data (which will not be eligible for gc).
Software ProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Assume we are not using MDC library in a project and want to have a thread local variable by ourself to propagate the values. Can u show me an example how a thread local variable can be initialized and used via code ??? One code snippet would be fine
You can do something like this:

public static final ThreadLocal<String> USERNAME = new ThreadLocal<>();

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Set a value when the user logs in:

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Access the value when you need it:

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Remove the value when the user logs out:

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Software ProgrammerAuthor Commented:
How about following this link - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/24329474/accessing-session-variables-outside-servlet ???

The above code just talks about initializing for each class..

Let me know about the above link, so that will use the same if that is correct.
From the link you posted I would actually go with what the user said in the last comment:

In my own apps, I use first method in simple cases (few classes) and third method when I want to avoid repeating over and over the same parameters in many methods.

I lean towards the first method (pass it form the controller to wherever you need it) but if your project is very big and complicated I would also consider the third option.

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