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Hi All

I'm trying to work out why I cannot run the below script in SQL 2014 via Job, the script is below

EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail
	@profile_name = 'Reports',
	@recipients = 'test@test.com',
	@subject = 'Redeemed Vouchers - Attachment',
	@body = 'Hello, see the attached file Redeemed Vouchers.',
	@query = 'EXEC TunnelCosmos.dbo.Sirius_Report_Groupon', 
	@query_result_header = 1,
	@query_no_truncate = 1,
	@query_result_no_padding = 0,
	@attach_query_result_as_file = 1,
	@query_attachment_filename = 'Redeemed Vouchers.txt'

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I can run the above script by executing it in the query window, and I'm able to receive the Redeemed Vouchers.txt, open it and view it's contents. However if I create a SQL Job and let it run I get an error, the history says:

01/29/2018 09:09:53,Report - Redeemed Vouchers,Error,2,IS-A-SQL01,Report - Redeemed Vouchers,Email Report with Attachment,,Executed as user: ISAA-SQL01\sqlserver. Failed to initialize sqlcmd library with error number -2147467259. [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 22050).  The step failed.,00:00:00,16,22050,,,,0

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What do you think may be causing this error?

Thanks All.
Stevie ZakhourAsked:
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Deepak ChauhanSQL Server DBACommented:
This seems permissions issue. Please check the permissions for user ISAA-SQL01\sqlserver. You are able to execute via query window because your credentials is in use but sql agent execute the job by which sql agent service is running.

Permission needs to be checked. Or you can grant sysadmin permission to sql agent account if there is no security concern.

Permission on directory where text file generates.
permission on database in which you are executing stored proc
permission on sp_senddbmail

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Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
When you're running the script, you're using your user and it for sure has permission to access the attachment file in the disk.
When you're running as a job, the job owner also needs to have permission to access the attachment file in the disk. Provide the necessary permissions for your SQL Server and SQL Agent accounts to access the file.
Stevie ZakhourAuthor Commented:
Thanks all, makes sense!
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