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Why Can't I get the correct Value in Crystal Report?


I have a report which is showing two totals that comes from 2 different tables.

1st table is the committed cost (PO_Items.Cost using formula sum({PO_items.cost})
2nd table is the Budget cost (ACCOUNT.Cost_BAC_Approved)  which can also be seen under Project.Cost_BAC_Approved.
the PO_items is being shown using grouped by PO_ID
the Budget is being shown using  Group_ID_A  


Using the attached snapshot of the link, I cannot correct one of the item, if I link the Account to the Purchase Order Tables The PO_items.cost is giving me different amount it multiplies to numerous amount.  but the other the budget amount is show incorrect amount.  If I I take of the link between Account and PO the committed amount is correct and the budget is blank or multiplying as well to numerous amount.

I am attaching the snapshot of my link and the RPT file itself.

Please help me to show the correct value of the PO using PO ID and the Budget Using one of the Group ID (package Number).


romeo Ballesteros
romeo Ballesteros
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Without more information on the data, it is difficult to determine the cause.

I assume since this report is totally in the report header, that you have additional filtering you are doing to limit it to a single project.
Part of your problem is the relationship between the PO table and the PO_Item table is 1 to many thus the vast increase in one of the items.
 Is the relationship between the project and the attributes table 1 to 1 or 1 to many?
Is the relationship between the Project table and the Account table 1 to 1 or 1 to many?

Are you trying to report by project? by Item?, by Account?

If by project can you try this

Link FROM Project to Attributes, Purchase_Order, and Account. Link from Purchase _Order to PO_Item
See attached

The only summary you should need will be for the PO_Item cost.

Filter to get 1 project

Link from
romeo BallesterosAuthor Commented:
Tha nks mlmcc, I am reporting both PO and budget by package number.  The PO is driven by the PO ID were package number is included in the PO_ID structude (ie P26). The budget is re presented by the  field Gtoup ID_A which is the package No.


romeo BallesterosAuthor Commented:
HI mlmcc,

I've got the correct linkage.  Thank you very much.  Can I add additional question?

With regards to Previous Totals, if in case there is no field on the previous total, is there a formula to use in order to have the previous total?

Or, i am thinking of creating additional numeric parameter and title it Previous committed Cost, I am just not sure if parameters can be used in the add formula.  Something like sum ({POTOTAL} + {? Previous Committed Value}

Is it possible to include numeric parameter into a sum formula or add formula?


Inside the report parameters are just objects and can be used as you desire so long as the data types work.
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