Commvault corrupt stub file recovery


We used Commvault Simpana for several years for backup & archive.
Due to wrong decisions and configuration we ended up with a system that left our central file server scattered with stub files.
It was nearly impossible to get a view of all the files that were archived and replaced with stub files.
Top of it all we had a system crash of the commvault system with storage issues last year.

Management decided to fase out the whole system and invest in VEEAM as a backup solution and not to archive anymore becasue it was a pure vendor lockin.

We setup the VEAAM system and it works like a charm, it was a real relief to see how easy backup can be. But we were left with tons of stub files from the old commvault.
We tried recalling them which seemed to work fine if we triggered the files from the file server. The commvault plugin did not work somehow, so we had to script it to recall the files. The fastest and easiest way we found was with this command:

Get-ChildItem -File -Recurse | Get-FileHash

Seemed that some stub files did not recall and gave an error. We had to know which files were left behind and I would like to share the method we used to get this done. We started Powershell from the (old) Commvault server itself and issued this command from the root drive letter of the file server:

Get-ChildItem -Recurse |select name,attributes | Where-Object {$_.Attributes -eq 'Archive, SparseFile, ReparsePoint, Offline'} | Export-Csv "C:\Report\FaultyCommvaultStubs.csv"

Leaves us with a list of corrupt stub files. It would be nice to have a starting point where to look to get them back. We have a DASH copy of the complete commvault system in a second datacenter, that did not go corrupt, so there should be some hope.
Normally I would contact Commvault support, but the contract expired and it doesn't look like it is going to be extended soon.

Thanks in advance.
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ricky sConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
Accessing Stubs without Triggering a Recall
Copying Stubs
To copy stubs from one location to another use the following steps:

Access the command prompt on the computer, where File System iDataAgent is installed.
Navigate to the <Software Installation Directory>\Base> folder
Run the GXHSMUtility utility.
Usage: GXHSMUtility <file_src> <file_dest>
more click here :
Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
Hi helhas,

What server version are you running?

I know Veeam very well but not Commvault Simpana so I'm going to pass on this one but I upgraded your Priority and modified your categories to pull in more Experts.

Best of luck!
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