Redesigning OUs for Active Directory

I am tasked with redesigning OUs for AD what type of clear models are there available

There are 56 OUs which i think is way too much for a single site environment, I have done reports with powershell and 13 are empty

Just looking for some pointers which I can use for this. One good thing is that I have introduced Group policy preferences to the company and there are not many working GPOs to consider
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it depends how your company is established and OU structure should resembles your company infrastructure from user and computer administration stand point

If its MNC, then country level OU would be root OU
after that city level OU
after that departmental OUs
Underneath departmental level, there is users OU and computers OU
All groups can be clubbed in one single OU

If its local company, you can create root OU for each city and underneath you can add users and computers OU

check what GPOs are applied to empty OUs and check if those GPOs are useful at any point of time in future, basically if you wanted to move user / computers to those OUs at any point of time
If not, document GPO assignment to those empty OUs and delete those empty OUs

there is lots of flexibility in designing OU, if you know what GPOs you need and how they are going to impact users / computers, you can structure OUs effectively
Indie101Author Commented:
Thanks its a good way to look at it

There are only 32 GPOs in total and 5 of them are my own since starting here prior to that they didnt use group policy only login scripts

I will check that regarding OUs and document thanks
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Really, how do YOU want to manage things?  By department?  By site?  Perhaps both?  OUs are there for management - think about what you need, how you want to group people and move from there.
Indie101Author Commented:
Well as i said there is only one site, So i think its useful yes
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