How to delete Kaspersky from registery ..

Dear all,

I am using Kaspersky internet security 2018 as trial version and my trial version will over in 5 days. I do not want to use any illegitimate software.
I am wondering how to delete the kaspersky license from the registery to get another 30 days manually.

Thx a million
sam kamITAsked:
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You can de-install the software, and run a tool like CCleaner to remove obsolete registry entries.
However, this is assuming the registry is done only on your PC side..... most probably there is an entry at their server side as well, which you can't  delete or trick.
So.... if after your trial period, you still like to use the software, buy it.... programmers need to be fed too you know ;-)

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You don't want to act illegitimately, right? So don't think about increasing the trial period artificially  - it's not legitimate.
ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
I'm also not sure, whether this is possible at all (online registration).

And last, but not least: Windows Defender (Endpoint Security) is good enough. You don't gain additional protection from tools like this.

Their claims:

1.Guards against attacks, ransomware & more
2.Helps keep your private life… private
3.Boosts security when you bank & shop online

What helps:

1. Common sense protects against attacks. Don't trust everyone. This closes the main attack vectors. Use backups. It's the only protection against ransomware. Especially considering the attacks in the past year or right now: No AV has spotted them in the first place.

2. Well, use one e-mail account per web account. Use strong passwords. Use different passwords for each account. Use an external, local password manager (using the browsers auto fill is not sufficient). Use different browsers at once. Use InPrivate browsing for banking. Delete cookies and history on browser exit.

3. Trust. Use trusted payment methods. E.g. using 3rd party finance applications is a no-go. Use trusted shops. Bank only from a trusted device - no smartphones are not such devices.
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If you feel like the trial was too short, call Kaspersky and talk to sales. They might be able to extend the trial period. Even if they opt not to, at least you are taking a legitimate approach.

Generally speaking, 30 days is a long enough trial for a single user to decide whether they like a product or not. So you can either switch to Defender, pay for Kaspersky, or try out a different product.
Ashok DewanFreelancerCommented:
This kind of tricks used to work before long ago. Now they deliver new trial keys with new email registrations.

There is one tool called "Surface attack analyzer" from microsoft. It gives information about changes to system before installation and after installation of a program.
sam kamITAuthor Commented:
Thank you guys for your useful information,
I would like to ask you something else if you do not mind please.
What is the best way to understand how the software place their registery files in the regedit and why some software has some keys and others has many?

Thanks a million in advance
Ashok DewanFreelancerCommented:
best way to track registry entries as per my knowledge is process monitor.
Open process monitor --> Click on filter and add process name(firefox.exe,chrome.exe and any other) ---> then add operation name -->
such as create file, query registry, set registry file many more etc.

What are you doing with above is tracking the operations of a process. which kind of files it create, what kind of registry it queries or set or change or create whatever soon.

it helped be a lot and other softwares I already mentioned above. this is the best way
Please ask a new question since this is unrelated. Add more details to it, as well (why do you ask, what is your goal, examples)
Answered sufficiently
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