Apple devices unable to connect to Exchange 2010 when on corporate Wifi

Users can no longer connect to our Exchange 2010 server when connected to our corporate Wifi network when using iPhone or iPad  (since approximately Nov of last year).  
Nothing has changed on the network and Android devices are unaffected so I assume the problem lies with an IOS update.
Apple device users can retrieve email when on public WiFi (e.g. hotels etc) or when using their data connection but can't when connected to the internal corporate Wifi network.
Any suggestions please?
Tony O'KeeffeAsked:
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Andy MInternal Systems ManagerCommented:
Is the internal connection address for your exchange match the external address? If not, what address does your SSL match? I don't think you have an incorrect type of SSL as it connects fine outside of the network.

I seem to recall hearing that newer iOS versions will only connect securely now and reject any connection it believes is insecure.

If your certificate and external address are but the internal address is something like then the iOS device will refuse connection when on the internal network as it believes it's insecure due to a certificate mis-match. You could update your internal dns/exchange records (autodiscover, ews, etc) to match your external address which should allow this to work again.
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Whats the Cert on the Exchange server? is it a StartSSL Cert? or Worse a self signed certificated (see )
Are IOS version 10.2 devices (and higher the ones affected)
If you install the FREE version of Outlook for IOS can they connect?

Tony O'KeeffeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for coming back to me - I certainly does appear to be an issue with internal/external certificates and yes I've also seen the references to OS security updates - changing the DNS settings on the firewall to a public DNS resolved the issue.  

Thanks to you both for your input.
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