accessibility for a client

tty tdd accessibility for hearing impaired.

online how to set up phone calls voip that allow for tty tdd as a client

What hardware should be purchased.
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masnrockConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What type of phone system do you have now? Another option would be to simply go to video relay route, where you have a number of offerings like Sorenson VRS. All you have to do is apply (a coworker of mine who needed the equipment applied), and provide network connectivity for their unit. There might be some firewall ports that you're going to have to open of course, so I really recommend having a VLAN solely for the VRS unit(s).
rgb192Author Commented:
What type of phone system do you have now?

so you are suggesting an upgrade over current system and offer suggestions about firewall.
Thanks for your suggestions.
I would recommend getting the VRS service as a replacement for the TTY, yes. However, if there's a requirement where you have to keep a TTY, then we would need more information on the system the current one relies on to be able to give you more information from that aspect.
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