How to stop SQL database alert in SCOM for Secondary Mirrored database servers

Hi Expert Team,

I need help to automate a SQL database alert generated from SCOM . We used to get an alert  'database backup should be performed' for SQL database servers. But in our project we have Always-on cluster(Mirror) database servers and database backups are performing on Primary  database servers. But SCOM is complaining the same for secondary databases and many such alerts are generating from SCOM.  All these SCOM alerts we receive as incidents in ticketing tool via Orchestrator2012. Our goal is reduction of  such incidents. Therefore i want to automate this kind of  alert to identify which is primary database and trigger alert for only primary database servers and not for secondary database servers. . Is it possible to resolve within SCOM console or can we do anything in Orchestrator2012.

Please guide me how to automate.

Thanks for support!!!
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Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Sounds good, might be easier than trying to isolate the backup alert in scom.

As a fallback...

If you or your company has Powershell expertise, there is a truckload of SCOM related cmdlets

It maybe possible to intercept with resolve-scomalert :
And then set an appropriate Backup alert - maybe with a custom resolution state - set-scomalert :
Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
While this is outside my area of expertise, I do know of a celebrated MVP Cameron Fuller.

He has written a lot about SCOM - has a blog site and has written whitepapers that might help.

I would imagine he would start with customising some management groups (that's where I first came across Cameron back in MOM days)

Here is his blog with a relevant but inappropriately named, post : There are a series of links to veeam and worthwhile downloading their whitepapers + videos.

Hope it helps you, and when (not "if") you find your answers, please let us know back in here. I would imagine you are not alone.

Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Hmmm... Might be easier to intercept in Orchestrator ?

I know it is possible to create a runbook and maybe you can use that to decide if a ticket should be produced, or, if mirrored DB, then dont worry.

Again, this is NOT my area of expertise...
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tscharyAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mark for the response. I have started yesterday design of Runbook to perform this activity. I will share you the information once i done.
Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
G'Day tschary,

How are you going with this problem ?

Hope that you have had some successes by now :)

I would love to hear back from you...

Mark Wills
tscharyAuthor Commented:
I checked in SCOM and Orchestrator to identify the database backup servers primary\secondary. it is possible.
Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Very pleased to hear you are on top of it. That's very good to hear....
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