Access 2016 to Android tablet - Best Way

Using Access 2016 with Windows 10 Pro and Samsung Android Tablets. Would like to deliver Forms to Android for both Inputting and reviewing. What is the best way to do this? I would like to split the database into a FE and BE. Any Suggestions???
Bill MacDonaldOwnerAsked:
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Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)Connect With a Mentor President / OwnerCommented:

<< Is it better to use windows based tablets instead of the android tablets?>>

You have a couple issues with tablets:

1. OS - To run Access, you must be running Windows, either native or virtually.

2. Tablets typically are designed for web browsing and e-mail and don't run desktop apps well (not enough horsepower).   However you can now get laptops that operate as a tablet (i.e. a Microsoft surface), but that's not what one typically thinks of as a tablet.   But you can and the only real issue is the cost (couple thousand usually vs $500-$600 for a true tablet)).

3. Assuming you take care of the first two, the last problem is the tablets being wireless; Access with a JET/ACE (a MDB/ACCDB) data store cannot run over a wireless connection really, or if the user is remote running over a WAN.    So you need to use something like SQL Server for the back end.

  If the app was not already designed for that, then you can have performance problems with remote users.

 So the short answer for 90% of the Access apps out there is to run a RDP server.  With that, the app remains on the local LAN, and any device that can do RDP can remote into it.   And with only KVM (Keyboard, Video, and Mouse) running over the network, it works well even in low bandwidth situations.

 That's the quickest/cheapest way to handle anything outside of traditional desktop/laptops with Access.

 Spell out a bit more what your trying to accomplish and we can narrow things down a bit more for you in terms of options and what it might take.

Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
It's not doable.

  The only thing you can do is run an RDP (Terminal Services Server) and have the tablet users remote into that with an RDP session and run the app there.

Bill MacDonaldOwnerAuthor Commented:
Thank you again Jim,

I am looking a setting up a Server running Windows Server and using RDP from there. I almost have a stupid question - Is it better to use windows based tablets instead of the android tablets?

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Bill MacDonaldOwnerAuthor Commented:

I appreciate your time and help.

I went to your website and thought I should share this with you. I am an old DEC guy from the Large Computer Group.....and actually had a VMS Notebook. It ran too hot but worked....

OK back to my challenge, the app provides forms for the technicians in the HVAC business. It provides i) Customer Contact input and review, ii) Quotes, iii) Invoicing and iii) Rental Agreement. It is secured by user and they can only see their information. The techs are hard on anything electronic that is why we are trying tablets with lots of protection. The turnover is relatively high, that is why the security and protection of data is high.


Bill MacDonaldOwnerAuthor Commented:
Excellent Solution to this type of solution.  The challenge of taking Access from Windows to tablets is not an easy one. Thank you Jim.
Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
You may want to look at Microsoft Power Apps.

 Not sure what your needs are in detail, but it is the up-coming thing at Microsoft:

  At the moment however, they are very limited in terms of what they can do.  But this is Microsoft's focus for moving into the mobile world.   You really want to be looking at something like this.

  If  Power Apps don't fill the bill (and I highly doubt they will at this point), then a traditional development effort is probably in the offing assuming you can't wait.

  What I would do however is try and find something already available on the market rather then attempt a fll development effort (assuming your not producing a solution for the marketplace).

  While the Access solution would be nice so you could still do your own thing, the problem with the Access / RDP solution is that they need internet connectivity to use the app, which is not always possible for the situation you describe.

  unfortunately your type of app is not an easy one to do.   Scott (LSM consulting) will have some good input though<g>; his family runs a HVAC business.

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