email to sms and twitter 140 character limit

why is twitter 140 characters

why is email to sms on a phone (140-12=128) characters (beginning of message is empty subject written as "subject:Re: ")
can I eliminate "subject:Re: " to get 12 characters back?
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Dirk StraussSenior Full Stack DeveloperCommented:
Traditional SMS's (when they first became a thing) were limited to 140 characters (I think) per SMS. You were charged for 2 SMS's if you typed 141 characters for example. With the advent of smartphones, text messages became all but obsolete. I guess I send about 3 or 4 a month. The rest are iMessages.

Perhaps the email to SMS limitation stems from that old usage restriction. SMS has never been intended for long messages such as email texts. SMS is intended for short messages.

This is my take on it anyway. Not sure if anyone else has another explanation.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
why is twitter 140 characters

This is no longer the case since November of last year, for those users whose language is expressable in the USASCII or Latin character sets.  The new limit is 280 characters.  For twits in other languages more message space is used due to the complexity of the character sets.

"The 140-character length wasn't a random choice: Twitter's founders wanted tweets to fit in a text message, which can only hold 160 characters. So Twitter chose 140 characters for the tweet, and 20 characters for the user name."
rgb192Author Commented:
okay twitter recently changed

part 2 of question is
why is email to sms on a phone (140-12=128) characters?
is there a phone (or service provider) that accepts total message?
rgb192Author Commented:
Thanks for answering first part of question.
Do you have ideas about second part of question?
rgb192Author Commented:
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