one phone on the network

android moto (not sure 5,6,7) owner tells me they can not connect to wifi in a residence where router and modem are the same device

owner tells me wifi is saved (but no internet access)

network works for my other devices and I recently tested. I dont want to unplug the routem&modem unit or call the residential internet service provider to reset the connection.

I already told owner to reset their phone and power off their phone.
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Jose Gabriel Ortega CCEO J0rt3g4 Consulting ServicesCommented:
just press the wifi connection, on the wifi settings on the moto phone.
then click "Forget network"
then re-enter again the network details (ID,Pass).

Jackie ManCommented:
You need to power off and power on the modem+router device.

The above is the first basic task to do.

The second task is to test whether the same Android moto phone with another router to see whether wifi works.
Try connecting another device (ideally one that doesn't normally get on that network) wirelessly. If that doesn't work then definitely restart the router. Restarting the phone is fine but I doubt that it will help much. You can also follow the advice from Jose as it is common to mess up the paraphrase.

If all of these fail, restart the router.
rgb192Author Commented:
I think this  will work.
Plenty of tasks to do.
Phone owner left my network so no way to test
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