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rpm -qa | grep -i <name of package> shows package installed. rpm -e says package isn't installed

RPM already installed not installed.

Today my colleague upgraded an RPM to a later version on Redhat 5.8 running version 4.4.2 of RPM and we used a verified rpm . It's a relocatable rpm and although he claims to have used the --prefix option when running rpm -Uvh the RPM installed in the default location /usr/local rather than /opt. If I verify the package with rpm -Vp it lists the contents of the rpm as as being successfully installed in the default location /usr/local and rpm -qa | grep -i <package> is showing it as installed. This default location isn't where it should be and the older version installed in /opt either has to be removed and a clean install performed or else upgraded. The now wants to remove the version he upgraded to and perform a clean install without bothering with the upgrade option but rpm -e <nameofpackage> says the package is not installed.  I've checked the contents of the rpm and it installs cleanly to one directory and not multiple directories so deleting the folder is an option but to perform a clean install won't work unless rpm is updated. Is there a way to force uninstallation of all version of the rpm? would rpm -ivh --nodeps?  Any help would be really appreciated.
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