Will changing DNS affect my domain-based G Suite email?

I have a client who's having me move his website to a new host. His email accounts are on G Suite and have his domain after the @, but were originally created through Wix when he had a Wix website. I'm able to access his email via an IMAP configuration on my email client (which happens to be Thunderbird) using gmail's mail server, imap.gmail.com.

It appears to me that his email has nothing to do with Wix. However, he still has a Wix account that lists his email addresses as associated with the account.

I'm now about to change his domain's name servers at his registrar (which is not Wix) to point the domain to the new host. Does it sound like I'm correct in assuming that his email, which has his domain after the @ sign, will be completely unaffected by this?

Jonathan GreenbergAsked:
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Yves AccadNetwork Security EngineerCommented:
If you mean you will be changing the A records for www and @ to the IP address where the new website is hosted then yes you are correct this will not create any issue with his GSuite email. His email uses the MX records in DNS. The way you word the question leaves some ambiguity and this is why I want to make sure this is what you are doing. If you are changing his Domain name servers to a new domain name registrar, then you need to make sure you move the whole DNS zone because the new registrar will not have the necessary MX records for GSuite by default. Hope that makes sense.
Jonathan GreenbergAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much for your answer, Yves!

I'm struggling a bit to understand, so let me clarify, and perhaps you'll be kind enough to respond to my clarification.

I have already moved his domain to a new registrar, and access to the G Suite email accounts, with the domain name after the @ sign, was unaffected and still works perfectly. All I'm intending to do now is update the name servers at the domain's current registrar as follows:

ns10.wixdns.net -> NS1.BIGSCOOTS.COM
ns11.wixdns.net -> NS2.BIGSCOOTS.COM

That said, is there still a need to edit the MX records after changing the name servers?
Yves AccadNetwork Security EngineerCommented:
Don't make the change before I have the time to respond I'm currently not at my computer looking at your response this would break his email deliverability I'll get back to you  a little bit later with more details
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Jonathan GreenbergAuthor Commented:
Great, I'll wait. Nothing urgent here. Thank you SO much!
Yves AccadNetwork Security EngineerCommented:
Ok so it looks like you moved the domain hosting from wix to bigscoots. Although the domain has been moved your dns zone for the domain is still hosted with wix and bigscoots is pointing to the zone at wix which allows for all the functionality of the domain to continue working as it was before the transfer.

Before using bigscoots nameservers for the authority of your domain you need to replicate the zone at wix on the bigscoots account. Basically you have to create all the records that you find on the wix account to the bigscoots account. Only then will you be able point to the nameservers at bigscoots because they will then be able to answer for your domain. I hope that clarifies your question. Let me know if you need help with any of it.
Jonathan GreenbergAuthor Commented:
Yves, Wix claims to have nothing to do with the domain at this point - since we changed registrars away from them - and they provide no portal for accessing the DNS records for my domain. I can try and pound them for it, but is there any way to obtain or figure out the correct settings without them? The domain is bcglearning.com, in case that's of any use to you in answering.
Yves AccadNetwork Security EngineerCommented:
I can help you reconstruct the zone sometime tomorrow but as you can see from checking the link below Wix is still answering for your domain: http://www.dnsstuff.com/tools#dnsReport|type=domain&&value=Bcglearning.com

Did you try logging into the wix account with your previous information. Have you already cancelled the account with them?
Jonathan GreenbergAuthor Commented:
Yes, I have no problem logging into the Wix account - they just no longer offer a domain portal of any sort - not since we switched registrars, which I did just to get away from them. I'm afraid I didn't think to look at the DNS Zone info first (if they even make that accessible to customers).

I can try calling them and asking that they provide the necessary info, but my client has already asked them for general help with this issue, only to be told Wix no longer has anything to do with the domain - that that's now all in the hands of the new host and/or new registrar. This is clearly incorrect, but it's Wix, and I'm not sure they even know better.

It looks to me like the dnsstuff page you pointed to in your last comment has the info I need. I'm gonna do my best to set up the records correctly based upon the info on that page, and perhaps I can go over it with you tomorrow to make sure I've got it right?

I'm grateful for your help!
Yves AccadNetwork Security EngineerCommented:
Yes I agree they are pretty clueless. I've included below some of the Records you will need. The MX records will insure no email interruption.
The A record and CNAME are for the website and the TXT record for the site verification with google. Those records are the most important and probably all you will need. There is a possibility that you are using some additional records for the domain for other services (for example ftp etc...) but those can always be added later if you discover a service that previously worked isn't responding. Hope that helps and I'll be happy to review before you make the final switch to the Nameservers since we can test your configuration before the switch by specifying which nameservers we want when we query the zone.

bcglearning.com.	A	IN	3600
www.bcglearning.com.	CNAME	IN	3600	bcglearning.com.

bcglearning.com.	TXT	IN	3600   "google-site-verification=YvPTe4585x-NKecriQldBtA_dngdY_NosUoWbbN32xc"

bcglearning.com.	MX	IN	3600	31ms	aspmx.l.google.com. [Preference = 10]
bcglearning.com.	MX	IN	3600	31ms	alt1.aspmx.l.google.com. [Preference = 20]
bcglearning.com.	MX	IN	3600	31ms	alt2.aspmx.l.google.com. [Preference = 30]
bcglearning.com.	MX	IN	3600	31ms	aspmx2.googlemail.com. [Preference = 40]
bcglearning.com.	MX	IN	3600	31ms	aspmx3.googlemail.com. [Preference = 50]

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Jonathan GreenbergAuthor Commented:
Yves, I've added the 5 MX records and the google-site-verification TXT record. The CNAME record was already there, and the A record is already pointing to the BigScoots server - That's the new host, and I'm thinking that's what it needs to be; the IP you provided points to the current host, which we're migrating away from. (Please speak up if you think I'm wrong about this.)

Do you think I'm now safe to point the domain to the new host's name servers?
Yves AccadNetwork Security EngineerCommented:
It's all looking good. I can see you added some SPF records as well which is good. From where I stand it's looking good to go!
Jonathan GreenbergAuthor Commented:
No, no SPF records added. I don't think the updates I've made are live yet. I've made them to cPanel on the new hosting account, but I'm thinking these updates don't become active until I point the domain to the new host's name servers. Hopefully I've got that right.

Anyway... I'll post back here after I've pointed the name servers to the new host. Thanks again, Yves, for being so extremely helpful!
Yves AccadNetwork Security EngineerCommented:
They aren't live per say but if you query NS1.BIGSCOOTS.COM or NS2.BIGSCOOTS.COM you can verify your records and I can see there is an SPF record which might have been created automatically when you created the account on the new host.

For example if you want to test MX you can specify which dns server you want to query so if you open an command prompt and type:
nslookup -q=MX bcglearning.com ns1.bigscoots.com

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You will see that the records are returned correctly. So even though you are still using the WIX nameservers I'm able to test your records on the New Nameservers.
Jonathan GreenbergAuthor Commented:
Ah, thanks, I see.

Yves, In order to minimize possible disruption to a production site, we're going to make the switch to the new host Friday evening. So I'll post back at that time to let you know - hopefully - that all went well.

Thanks again for all your help and time, and I'll be in touch in a couple of days.

Jonathan GreenbergAuthor Commented:
Looks like all went down without a hitch. Thanks again so much for your help, Yves!

Yves AccadNetwork Security EngineerCommented:
Glad to hear it Jonathan!
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